Western Canadian Lakes

If an angler applies themselves, Alberta will provide some very worthwhile still-water (Lake) fly fishing for 6 distinct trout species. On higher elevation lakes there is opportunities to fish for west slope cutthroat trout, golden trout or even brook trout. While other lower elevation lakes provide ample opportunities for rainbow trout, brown trout and tiger trout in one region or another throughout the province. In order to consistently achieve success catching the various trout species, especially in worthwhile sizes, the angler must be willing to travel a fair distance here in Alberta. Many avid still-water anglers stay focused on what still-water’s are currently producing and ignore those that have recently collapsed. The provincial fish stocking program and winter kills, high angler retention, as well as the province discontinuing programs control whether a fishery is worthwhile or a waste of time. So, keep an open mind and don’t get your heart set on any specific fishery or a particular region. Stay flexible and mobile with your fishing plans.   

Everybody loves grass hopper fishing and the chance they provide to catch large trout on a dry fly. There are several lakes in southwestern and central Alberta that can produce very entertaining hopper fishing. Where large trout cruise shorelines and hunt down hoppers in shallow water which produces dry fly action that can be very rewarding. We have a few lakes with the hex hatch, brown drake hatch and Callibaetis mayfly hatches how can you not love that. Bob has fished the entire province for trout on both still-water and flowing water for over forty years and is always willing to share information.  Bob can elaborate more on all we have covered in this document in one of our programs or drop by the shop and he will be happy to help. For anglers that are interested we even have a few pay to play fisheries in the area that provide space, solitude and large trout if that is your cup of tea. 

There is also a very nice facility fifteen minutes east of Red Deer run by the Red Deer Fish & Game Association called “West Lake” that requires an annual membership from $ 75.00- $ 85.00. It is a very nice resource that has the main lake for the adults and a trout pond for the young ones. There is a main facility including a kitchen, hall as well as a bathroom and shower room, which is all part of the campsite area. There is an archery range, trails around the main lake and a children’s play ground on site. If you wish to get more information or join as a member visit the “Red Deer Fish & Game” website. 






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