Guided Trips

I guide out of a Koffler 12-foot aluminum white-water capable pram on the following notable Canadian Rocky Mountain rivers The Bow River, The Red Deer River, The Ram River and The Old Man River. These are productive rivers and popular trout angling destinations for visitors coming to Alberta Canada. I am familiar with these areas as well as others within those watersheds.

On my trips you will be in the bow of the boat throughout the float with all the prime water all the time. I focus my full attention on your individual needs, through focused interactive instruction on the fly, to ensure a memorable experience. I provide a supportive environment where you gain knowledge through my direct observation and participation. I also guarantee that you will receive 100% of my attention and guidance throughout the entire float trip; in a setting that’s relaxed, informative and friendly. My aim is for you to have a rewarding experience that will take you to your next level in skill and understanding.      

For our guided float trips on bigger rivers, I can only accommodate one guest per trip. For walk wade trips on smaller east slope streams I can accommodate up to two or even three clients. When I hold schools, I like to limit them to three participants and no less, this way it is worth our effort and the participants get the most out of my instruction. I will work with you to set up learning outcomes.

I believe my format and coaching style is unique and proven; my experience and credentials are unparalleled in the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There is no other outfitter/guide or service business presently offering this level of instruction across all aspects of Fly-Fishing from one source. People have commented on how comfortable they where and found their experience informative but most importantly it almost always elevated their skill level. For trips I recommend scheduling mid week (Wednesday/Thursday) and avoid crowds this allows for the most opportunities. I find mid week is when the fish are less pressured and more inclined to feed. See the rate chart below. 

Some Memorable Moments


Guided Float Trips$ 700.00 per day
Walk and Wade Trips$ 650.00 per day for both clients
Fly Casting Schools $ 500.00 per day for 3 participants
Fly Fishing Schools $ 500.00 per day for 3 participants
Aquatic Entomology & fly selection $ 500.00 per day for 3 participants
On Stream Schools$ 600.00 per day for 3 participants
Personal Casting Instruction One on One$ 40.00 per hour
Personal Fly-Tying Instruction One on One$ 40.00 per hour
Custom Fly Patterns by RequestInquire for Pricing