What people say about their experience.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Edens 18 years ago. Bob instructed my casting lessons and then took me to Montana to fish the Missouri and the Big Horn. I never knew there were that many fish in any river, let alone to be able to catch as many as you want. Bob is a great friend and the best fly fisherman in Canada. Even great fly fishermen can learn from Bob Edens. Thanks Again. not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.”

— Doug Luke

Last year Santa bought my wife and I a fishing trip. Bob took us down the Crowsnest river at the end of September/2006 for a day of fantastic fly fishing. The day started out cool and windy and ended with that famous “Just one more cast”, in the long shadow of the pines. Bob’s patience,knowledge of fly fishing and the area made us feel relaxed and eventually it seemed like we became part of the river

— Doug and Geri Sandor

More comments.

“I have been looking around your web site a few times now, you have certainly done a wonderful job & it is expertly put together.I have known Bob for almost 25 years now, as I met him in the Canadian Forces & the thing that pops out the most bout him, s his patience.he seems to have an endless supply ,& is willing to show you over & over again ,as many times it takes, til he knows that your as capable of doin it as he is to me, he’s always been a great friend, always eager to fish & certainly has the knowledge to go along with it. not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.”

— Terry Holloway

“Bob is a down to earth,easy going guy whose passion and knowledge of fly fishing is tremendous. His business of Stream Weaver Flies offers a first class experience for the fly fisher. Unmistakably you will learn much of what there is to know about fly fishing from Bob and his brother Pat. Bobs in depth knowledge of the local hatches will undoubtedly increase your chances of catching a nice trout. Pats enthusiasm for the sport is definitely contagious. The brothers are top quality folks who are a pleasure to fish with, and I sincerely hope I have the pleasure again of fishing the Red Deer River with them both in the near future. Thanks guys for a day I will not soon forget!

— Les Campbell

People are so nice.

“I have been fortunate enough to have been guided by Bob Edens on several occasions. Immediately I was impressed by his passion for the sport, his knowledge of habitat, and his eagerness to share the potential of Albertas great fishing areas with everyone.

A personal highlight for myself included an action-packed two day float trip down the Bow with Bob in the summer of 2002. Bobs knowledge of the Bow helped to ensure that both the dry and wet fly potential of this river were maximized, and that we lost count of the number of Rainbows and Browns we caught on our trip. Without question, they were the most fruitful two days of big fish fishing I have ever experienced… and I attribute most of my success to Bob and his expertise.

I would recommend Stream Weaver Flies to anyone who is passionate about fly-fishing, and wants to make the most out of the unique fishing habitat Alberta has to offer.

Thank You Bob!”

— Colin Fisher

“When I first moved to Alberta in 2001 (Red Deer) I visited Bob’s fly shop (Stream Weaver Flies). I moved here from Saskatchewan where I mostly fly-fished lakes for trout. With Bob’s help my casting improved significantly and the quality of materials from his shop did wonders for my fly tying. I believe he is the best all around fly fisher I have ever fished with. I have seen him making seventy-foot casts and making aerial mends amazingly enough with a three-weight fly rod to pick up fish. His tying is immaculate, his knowledge of hatches superb, and he is a master at reading water on both rivers and lakes. He takes the best of “Doug Swishers and Carl Richards” programs (casting, Aquatic insect hatches and fly patterns) and teaches personally demonstrating a great love for the sport. When a participant enrols in his programs, they also receive a handout to help reinforce  what is presented in his workshops. Bob is the complete package (angler) when it comes to fly fishing.”

—Pat Williams

I meet the best people in my job.

“I had the distinct pleasure of fly-fishing for pinks last August with Bob, Pat and their brother-in law Gary Sooley in the lower Campbell just outside of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. I am a novice at this sport and have tons to learn but I had an incredible experience that week. Bob and Pat are extremely patient and willing to share their knowledge and expertise. I especially appreciated their respect for the fish and the environment. I am very much looking forward to improving my skills and hopefully fishing with the guys again.”

— Julianne Camilleri

“It would be almost immpossible to find anyone more helpful and knowledgeable on all your flyfishing needs. From tying and materials to gear and fishing, Bob Edens will take the time to make sure you are always set up with everything you need to ensure a great fishing experience. I would definitely recommend Stream Weaver Flies for a guided trip or a great place to deal for any of your fishing needs.” greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fail.”

—Brad Vollmin

More Approval

“Shortly after I started flyfishing (5 years ago) I was introduced to Bob Edens. Bob became my mentor and has taught me pretty much everything I know about the sport. The fly tying materials he carries and his tying skills are second to none. I have had the opportunity to fish with many very talented people, but without a doubt, Bob is the man. He can chuck a fly like I have never seen anyone do it, his knowledge of the waters, entomology, awesome casting skills, and his willingness to share information place him among the elite in this sport.

I have had the pleasure of fishing with Bob on numerous occasions, with many fish caught (mainly by him of course. We have floated the Red Deer and while the fishing has been good, the highlight of the trip has been the learning of new skills, new tactics and where to find those elusive browns in less than ideal conditions. All of this I have learned from a man who knows the sport and genuinely cares about it.

I look forward to another float, perhaps this summer?”

—Alvaro Bustamante

“Best trip I have been on, Bob helped improve my casting and put us on to big fish and good numbers of fish on the bow river, red deer and the north ram.”

— Rod Winkler

Satisfaction abound.

“Bob I was at the Pheasants forever banquet on Saturday and luckily managed to purchase your flies and canvas print in the live auction. The (print reminded me of our time on the Bow River) thank you so much for you’re donation  and the beautiful work you did making all those flies (especially the nymphs!! I can’t tie that small-wow!!). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and hopefully I can get out with you again for a casting school one day. You are the Lefty Krey of the north. Take care and stay well.”

— Reg Prosteby   

“Simply the best!”

— Dwain McBain