Fly Tying

This is what elevates the aficionados of the sport and allows you to explore your creative side. I can get you started or offer insights into materials and hook selection plus much more! but hey, if you just want to buy ours or our recommended patterns and recipes we won’t judge and we’d love your business either way.

Arts verses Craft

Catching that picky eater with your own fly is an accomplishment! It takes hours of observation and sampling, then trial and error on the bench with materials, and finally testing your creation.

Fly tying is the artistic creative endeavour that most fly fisherman eventually delve into for at least a brief period while they are participating in fly fishing.  Many very avid anglers delve deeply into the aquatic entomology side of things which also eventually leads to a preoccupation with fly tying as well. Tying flies is the angler’s way of creating an impression of the food items trout feed on. Using hooks, feathers and other various materials the fly tier crafts a replication of the natural insects and other food forms trout regularly consume. 

Having a clear understanding of the trout’s feeding habits, understanding aquatic insect hatches as well as their lifecycles and tying your own flies will result in much higher catch rates. Mastery of these three pursuits will allow you to more fully enjoy your fly fishing and eliminate a lot of frustration. An angler can either tie their own flies or purchase flies from a reliable source. I have taught many anglers how to tie flies over the last forty five years and seen many of them develop into great fly tiers. For those that don’t tie their own flies, I can custom tie specific match the hatch flies for you. My flies are not tied off shore by a company a thousand or more miles away. My custom flies are tied with a local flare with great care taken to ensure they will produce results when fishing our local hatches here in Alberta. The quality of offshore flies sold by local fly shops are well tied and usually reasonably priced. However, I have studied the local hatches very closely for over 40 years and ties flies that more closely imitate the local hatches in Southwestern and Central Alberta. 






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    Cool stuff


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      Thank you! More content is coming soon!


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