Everything Fly Fishing

  • River Tactics

    River Tactics

    Seasonal changes reveals new details about the habitat that allows observant anglers the opportunity of future insights.

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  • Gear


    Prioritize your purchases to enable the maximum amount of enjoyment for the least amount of money.

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  • Entomology


    If fly casting is the athletic part of the sport and fly tying the creative part then aquatic entomology is the scientific part of fly fishing.

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  • Lake Tactics

    Lake Tactics

    Still-water fly fisherman focus the major amount of their time and effort on fishing structure in lakes. Structure can be categorized into several areas such as inlets and outlets, shoals, drop offs, weed beds, protruding points and shelves, underwater springs, woody debris and beaver huts.

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  • Casting


    “the single most important skill in fly fishing that can only be mastered from sound instruction, followed by deliberate practice” Bob Edens

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  • Fly Tying

    Fly Tying

    This is what elevates the aficionados of the sport and allows them to explore their creativity. It’s truly art meshed with science.

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